1. There are many superstitious beliefs regarding snakes in India. As against the popular belief snakes would neither hurt nor rush after human beings to bite them. Snakes attack only when humans accidently step on them or when they get the feeling that they are attacked by human beings.
2. Yet another superstitious that prevails among people is the belief that snakes drink milk. The real fact is that snakes hate milk and it is scientifically proved that when snakes are forced to drink milk they get sick.
3. It is falsely believed that snakes can listen to music. Snakes never dance to the tune of the snake charmers. In fact snakes cannot hear the music it is the movement of the snake charmer that forces the snakes to follow a particular movement.
4. It is believed that the female species of the Cobras don't exist and that Cobras usually mate with species of other snakes. This is not true and the fact is that Cobras only mate with its own species.
5. Yet another popular belief is that snake's take revenge and that snakes when hurt would definitely come back to take revenge. It is scientifically proved that the brain of a snake is not much developed therefore it has absolutely no memory to take revenge.
6. Another false belief is that a bite received from a snake in water is not poisonous but the fact is that venomous snakes either when bitten on land or on water is equally poisonous.
7. After summer showers there is a belief that snakes would come out of their holes to eat the sand but this is not true. Snakes don't come out to eat the sand dust, they actually come out to maintain their body temperature. Snakes cannot control their own body temperature.
8. Pythons are believed to squeeze and crush the bones of its victims in its own ring before swallowing them but the true fact is that Pythons only suffocate their victims to death. A dead victim is enough for the Python to swallow its prey. 9. Another mysterious belief is that if a snake bitten person in turn bites the snake the poison would go away from the body of the victim. If the victim takes the risk of biting the snake the snake would only attack the victim again and this would only result in the snake injecting all its poison into the body of the victim which would in turn result in the quick death of the patient. (It is observed that victims who bite the snake get their mouth decayed)
10. If the head of the Cobra gets cut then there is a belief that the cut part of the snake hood would fly and bite the victim. Even though this is not true the cut part of the snake hood for some time after being cut has the power to give an intense bite.
11. For some species of snakes there is a wrong belief that the poison resides in its tail. There is also a wrong belief that when such varieties of snakes bite they inject poison through their tail into the body of the victim but for certain snakes there is a small projection seen on their tail which is poison less and till now no snake is scientifically proved to have poison in its tail.
12. The belief that snakes have supernatural powers but this is not true and the belief that Golden coloured snakes have diamonds in their mouth is just but a fantasy.
13. Yet another myth is that snakes fall in love with women are known as true snakes and if these snakes are hurt they would in turn cause the ruin of the family. There is yet another superstitious belief that some snakes when hurt would result in causing leprosy to the individual.
14. The belief that highly venomous snakes would hang themselves upside down from tress and that they would come down only after the death of the victim is also a mistake.
15. The belief that in the olden days famous ayurvedic physicians used their magical powers to bring the snake which bit the victim back to the victim and once again made it (snake) to bite the victim, so as to take the poison away from the body of the victim is not true. Also the belief that physicians involved snake treatment would towards the end get the curse of snakes and would end up as Leprosy patients is also not true.
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