Family: Calophyllaceae
Genus: Mesua
Botanical name: Mesua ferrea auct Linn
Sanskrit: Agakesara, Nagapushpa, Kanakahva, Hemakinjalka
Hindi: Peela nagkesar
English: Iron wood tree
Malayalam: Nagachampakam, Nagapoov, Nanku, Vayanav, Churuli, Eliponku, Nagakasaram
The tree can grow over 30 meters tall, often buttressed at the base with a trunk up to 2 meters in diameter. The bark of younger trees has an ash grey color with flaky peelings, while of old trees the bark is dark ash-grey with a red-brown blaze. It has simple, opposite, narrow, oblong to lanceolate, blue-grey to dark green leaves that are 7–15 cm long and 1.5–3.5 cm wide, with a whitish underside. The emerging young leaves are red to yellowish pink and drooping. The branches are slender, terete and glabrous. The bisexual flowers are 4–7.5 cm in diameter, with four white petals and a center of numerous orange yellow stamens. The fruit is an ovoid to globose capsule with 1 to 2 seeds.
The flowers, leaves, seeds and roots have medicinal properties and are used as herbal medicines in India, Malaysia, etc and in Nag Champa incence sticks.
The leaves are applied to the head in the form of a poultice for severe colds. Oil from the seeds is used for sores, scabies, wounds, and rheumatism. The root of this herb is often used as an antidote for snake poison. The dried flowers are used for bleeding haemorrhoids and dysentery with mucus. Fresh flowers are also prescribed for excessive thirst, excessive perspiration, cough, and for indigestion.
Mesua ferrea auct
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