Family: Combretaceae (rangoon creeper family)
Genus: Calycopteris
Botanical name: Calycopteris floribunda (Roxb.) Lam.
Sanskrit: Susavi
English: Paper flower climber
Hindi: Kokkare
Malayalam: Pullani, Pullanji, Varavalli
Paper flower climber is a large climbing shrub which is 5-10 m long, with vines that are about 5–10 cm in diameter, thestem and leaves are said to have medicinal properties. Ukshi is found extensively in the low-lying tropical evergreen forests of the Western Ghats. These are also found in "Kavus" or the Sacred Groves of Kerala.
It bears grey bark and tenuous branches with thick fluff on the surface. The keratinous leaves, ovoid or oval, are 5–12 cm long. New branches are hairy and rust coloured. The flowers occur in dense clusters are the end of branches. The bracts of the small flowers are ovoid or oval, with thick fluffs on the surface. Petals are absent and the 10 stamens are arranged in 2 cycles.
The fruit inception bears 1 ventricle and 3 pendulous ovules inside. The fluffy sham-winged fruit, which is about 8 mm long, has 5 edges and 5 persistentcalices which enlarges into the fluffy wing 10–14 mm in length. The sepals are prominent, hairy and green.
The leaves are bitter, astringent, laxative, anthelmintic, depurative, diaphoretic and febrifuge. They are useful in intestinal worms, colic, leprosy, malarial fever, dysentery, ulcers and vomiting. The fruits are useful in jaundice, ulcers, pruritus and skin diseases.
Calycopteris floribunda
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