Family: Sapotaceae
Species: M. elengi L.
Botanical Name: Mimusops elengi Linn.
Sanskrit: Bakula, Gandhapushpa
Malayalam: Elanji
Hindi: Bakul, Maulsiri
English: Bullet-wood tree
Bullet wood is an evergreen tree reaching a height of about 16 m. It flowers in April, and fruiting occurs in June. Leaves are glossy, dark green, oval shaped, 5–14 cm long and 2.5–6 cm wide. Flowers are cream, hairy and scented. Bark is thick and appears dark brownish black or grayish black in colour, with striations and a few cracks on the surface. The tree may reach up to a height of 9–18 m with about 1 m in circumference. Bullet wood tree timber is valuable, the fruit is edible, and it has traditional medicinal uses.
The bark, flowers, fruits and seeds are astringent, cooling, anthelmintic, tonic, and febrifuge. It is mainly used in dental ailments like bleeding gums,pyorrhea, dental caries and loose teeth.
Extract of flowers used against heart diseases, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia and act as antiduretic in polyuria and antitoxin. The snuff made from the dried and powdered flowers used in a disease called Ahwa in which strong fever, headache and pain in the neck, shoulders and other parts of the body occurs.
Ripened fruits facilitates in burning urination. The ripe fruit pounded and mixed with water is given to promote delivery in childbirth. Powder of dried flowers is a brain tonic and useful as a snuff to relieve cephalalgia. Decoction of bark is used to wash the wounds The seeds of Bullet-wood tree is one of the important components of the pills like Jeevaraksha pills and other toxicological pills
Bullet-wood tree
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