Family: Solanaceae
Genus : Solanum
Botanical name: Solanum surattense Burm.F / Solanum xanthocarpum Schrad. & Wendl.
Sanskrit: Kandakari, Nidigdhika
English: Wild eggplant, Yellow berried nightshade
Hindi: Remgani, Kateli, Kattaya, Kantikari
Malayalam: Kandakarichunda, Kandankattiri
A spiny, diffuse, much-branched, perennial herb reaching up to 3 m (Plate 56). The leaves are bright green, ovate and lobed, with purplish hairs on both surfaces and yellow sharp spines. Flowers purple, in lateral cymes. Berries globose, up to 1.5 cm in diameter, green with whitish patches when young, yellow and glabrous with green or white veins.
Wild eggplant is a rejuvenating Ayurveda herb for the respiratory system. It liquefies the deposited mucus and helps in its comfortable expulsion from the respiratory system. The root is used in fever, cough, asthma and inflammation and as a diuretic and antiemetic. It is often used in combination with other drugs; for example, a decoction prepared with chiretta and ginger is prescribed as a febrifuge, with black pepper to treat rheumatism and with Tinospora cordifolia as a tonic in fever and cough. The powdered fruit with honey relieves chronic cough in children. Juice extracted from the fruits is used to treat sore throats and the vapours of the burning seeds have been used to relieve toothache.
The root of Wild eggplant is used to make decoction and medicated gee that can cure the poison due to viper bite.
Wild Eggplant
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