Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family : Apidae
Subgenus: (Megapis)
Genus: Apis
Species: A. dorsata
Binomial name : Apis dorsata
Nests of Giant Honey Bee are usually seen on tree limbs, buildings or even on cliffs. Falcons get to the nest of the Giant Honey Bee to get the honey and in the process disperse the Bees from their nests. This can make the bee violent and it may harm all living things surrounding it. Group attack of these bees can have fatal consequences on human beings .A bite on the neck can result in the death of the victim. The bite on the neck may result in swelling which may prevent the breath from getting inside the body leading to the death of the individual.
The symptoms of the bee bite may be severe pain, fever, severe thirst, shivering and swelling throughout the body leading to the death of the victim.
Giant Honey Bee
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