Abortive rabies is a viral infection that can result in the death of the patient. Death is the result only in the case of human beings. Animals have the power to return back to normalcy after being infected by the rabies virus. The animals that return to normalcy are labelled in science as Abortive Rabies Infection. Dogs usually retain this abortive rabies infection.
The saliva of the once infected dogs is usually saturated with the rabies virus. The virus would have its life in the saliva of the dog for months. When a human being is bitten by such a dog the virus in the dog may get transferred to the human being. At this point there is no point in observing the dog for sign of rabies.
It is scientifically proved that Abortive Infective Rabies is also identified in cats. The saliva of such cats also carries the virus of rabies for a long period of time. So cats and dogs that show signs of sickness for a period of time and then recover and become active beings should be suspected of rabies. A bite from such animals should not be taken lightly and the matter should be confirmed with a good physician.
Abortive Rabies
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