Family: Viperidae
Genus: Echis
Binomial name : Echis carinatus (Schneider, 1801)
Saw scaled viper is a small snake. The scientific name of Saw Scaled Viper is Echis Karnivatus. It comes from the family Viperidae. As it belongs to the viper family its poison is Hemotoxic.
The victim of a Saw scaled viper will experience severe pain in the bitten area and sometimes the bitten area may be swollen. If the poison spreads in the blood of the victim then the patient may start shivering, vomiting, feel feverish, may experience chillness and oozing of blood from the gums. Normally blood may ooze out between one to fourteen hours. If the bite is severe blood may ooze out within one hour from the gums of the patient. With the passage of time the patient may have renal failure, blood may ooze out from the tongue of the victim, blood may also start coming from the different parts of the body like nose, eyes and ears. Finally blood may also bleed from the brain and may lead to heart attack which is one of the common causes for the death of the victim.
A good treatment is to be made available to the patient right from the early stages. The treatment may be necessary for fifteen days to two months.
How to identify a saw scaled viper ?
The dots beneath the body of the snake differentiates it from other snakes.
Saw Scaled Viper
Image Of Bite Of Saw Scaled Viper
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