Family: Viperidae
Genus: Trimeresurus
Binomial name : Trimeresurus gramineus (Shaw, 1802)
The scientific name of Green Bamboo Pit Viper is Trimarisurus Gramaneus. It belongs to the family of Viperidae. The poison of this snake is Hemotoxic. The poison of this snake is stronger than the ordinary Pit Vipers. If the patients don't get the correct treatment they may die.
If a victim gets the bite severely then the symptoms in the patient may be a strong pain in the bitten area, appearance of bubbles, swelling, and if the poison further spreads in the body then the patient may get fever, chillness, shivering and as a result of all the the patient may become unconscious and may finally result in death. The treatment may be necessary for fifteen days to one month.
Green Bamboo Pit Viper
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